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Rice O Plus is our flagship brand. It is a double refined product recently added in our consumer goods segment. The company aims to leapfrog into the International retail market through this brand. Rice O Plus is packaged and distributed in pouches, jars and tins.


Parameters Specifications
Colour (Y+5R) at 1″ cell 8.0 Units Min.
Acid Value (FFA) 0.10-0.15 % Min.
Moisture and Volatiles 0.05 % Max.
Saponification Value 180 – 190
Iodine Value 90 – 100
Peroxide Value 0.5 – 0.9
Oryzanol (Antioxidant) ABOVE 10500 PPM
Specific Gravity at 300 C 0.910 – 0.920
Clarity at 180 C for 12 hours Retains Clear
Flash Point Above 250°C- NIL
Trans Fat 0
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids 42g
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids 34g
Saturated Fatty Acids 24g
Vitamin E 50g
Protein 0g
Carbohydrates 0g