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Mahua longifolia, commonly known as mahuwa, mahua, mahwa, mohulo, or Iluppai or vippa chettu, finds its origin in the central and north Indian plains and forests. Mowrah is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree whose flowers, and seed have been gainfully used in various household and commercial ways. The fruit is rich in sugar and next to cane molasses constitutes the most important raw material for alcohol fermentation.

Why Shree Krishna?

‘S. K. Solvent’ believes in Total Quality Management, keeping quality at check right from sourcing of raw material rather than merely focusing on production in order to truly add value to the entire supply chain. We ensure quality at ‘source’ by procuring seeds directly from the farmers originating from particular regions with ‘optimum climatic conditions’ favorable for growing mahua seed.

The seeds are crushed in our 30-TPD expeller, resulting in mahua oil which has emollient properties and is used to cure skin disease, rheumatism and headache. As a by-product, an energy-rich mahua seed cake containing up to 7% oil is produced which acts as a fertilizer and fish feed in aquaculture ponds in some parts of India.

We, further, process the mahua oil cake in our seperate batch facility having a capacity of 75 tonnes per day. The seed cakes are first broken and flaked, the resulting flakes are then steam-cooked. The cooked flakes are crushed and solvent-extracted with hexane at 63°C. The resulting de-oiled cake (DOC) contains less than 1% oil, which is rich in protein and energy with high levels of fatty acids comprising saturates monoenes and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Having such an integrated facility and infrastructure hardwires efficiency throughout the chain and facilitates catering to differing needs of customers linked to our family.

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